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Rollin' through the pandemic!

Nothing prepared me for the last 8 months except my experience of living the life of a creative.


Rockin' and rollin' through the hills and valley's of the last eight months or 56 years if you're using "dog years" like I am has not been without it's major domo has the last 10 years of living full time as a workin' creative human in a world that neither values or opens doors for women. SO...hunkering down and holding the fort together with duct tape, coupons and tenacity is old hat for me and having the time to reflect and restore after a very busy 2019 was actually a gift. I feel privileged to have had the time and the financial stability (very new for me I'm telling ya) to really dig into my own personal gremlins and do some heavy lifting and kondo-ing of old habits and instill some BIG MAGIC back into my life. I'm practicing the shit out of kindness and compassion and taking no prisoners when they aren't practicing protocols. We need to realize that we are all in this one together and no extra rolls of toilet paper at Costco or beach party hookup is worth dying for. So buck up buttercups, make a playlist, dance like everybody's watching and let's boogie down this wobbly road to the other side. Hug yourself daily and blow kisses from your car to complete strangers....and don't forget to wash your hands of everyone who's harshing your mellow on not icing your cake. This is no time for empty calories. Be safe! xoxo

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